The No Botox Facial

Ok ladies, who would love to go outside without putting on makeup in the morning? Skipping the botox?

I was super lucky to visit Beauty Advance Laser Clinic and catch up with India who introduced me to the most amazing facial. Exclusive to Wales they have a way to reverse the signs of aging and and it can dramatically revitalize your skin.

I had a combination of Clearlift and DyeVL, these two facials help counteract years of sun damage or acne scarring. providing noticeable results, often in as little as a single treatment.

It’s the perfect alternative to traditional laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasions, or deep chemical peels—there’s no extended recovery time or anesthesia required, It can provide the dramatic results of these procedures, but with fewer risks. Plus, it reduces necessary healing time from up to thirty days to usually three days or less, depending on your starting condition and the type of laser that is used.

This stimulates new collagen growth to improve your skin’s texture and tone and fight fine lines and wrinkles, creating thousands of microscopic perforations, but the skin around each of these perforations remains intact. This allows your skin’s top layer to heal from the edge of these tiny holes very rapidly.

  • Clears sun-damaged skin
    • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
    • Shrinks the appearance of pores
    • Fills in acne scars
    • Blends uneven pigmentation
  • This felt safe and comfortable, and it’s also reassuring that during the whole procedure India explained exactly how things worked and what it did.
  • The second facial I had was DyeVL, this is also a safe and very effective method for getting rid of all symptoms of photoaging.
  • “The latest DyeVL head is the first narrow-band, pulsating source of light. It is considered to be a state of the art technology, whose effects are comparable with dye lasers. It enhances the versatility, efficiency and safety of IPL.
  • Effectiveness of treatments with the DyeVL head has been clinically proven. The treatments are absolutely safe to patients, efficient, virtually painless and do not require any convalescence period”
  • Roughly translated, these are Lunchtime treatments, that deliver optimum results in minimal time, with the newest technology in medically led clinical surroundings.

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