Anti-Wrinkle Treatments Cardiff

We have a wide range of Anti-aging Treatments in Clinic, so once your skin has been analysed by a Practitioner, they will recommend one of the following treatments such as Clearlift, iPixel, NIR (Near Infrared), IPL, Dye-VL & skin rejuvination.

EM Face

EM Face® is a breakthrough procedure for ‘less wrinkles and more lift’. The FIRST & ONLY technology that simultaneously uses synchronised Radiofrequency and HIFES™️ energies to treat skin, muscle and connective tissue.

How does it work?
  • SKIN – The Sync Radiofrequency remodels and smooths skin by heating the dermis and increasing the levels of collagen and elastin fibres.
  • MUSCLEHIFES™️ restores and elevates support of facial tissue by selectively contracting muscles and increasing density and quality of muscle structure.
  • SKIN & MUSCLE – The combined effect of skin remodelling with muscle toning results in enhanced wrinkle reduction and overall facial lifting.
On average -37% wrinkle reduction, +30% MORE muscle tone and +23% MORE lift.

This non-invasive treatment only takes 20 minutes to complete, and a full consultation is required before we can proceed with treatment. 

There is no downtime or any pre-treatment preparation required, so you can literally go straight back to your normal day routine, with no need to worry about how you may look.

A minimum course of 4 treatments is required, but we do recommend a course of 6 treatments, and you will need to commit to 1 treatment every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

A full medical history check will be completed before we can confirm, but generally everybody can benefit from less wrinkles and more lift.

Having injectables does not rule you out for receiving EM Face. Within your consultation, we will consult you on this and tailor the right treatment plan for you.

No, this is a non-invasive treatment so there is no downtime or any pre-treatment preparation needed.

You begin to feel tangible results right after the treatment. Positive results are usually reported 4 to 6 weeks after the last session and continues to improve for several weeks following the treatment.

A trial session costs £349

A course of 4 Treatments costs £2,000

A course of 6 Treatments costs £2,500

Clear Lift  Hollywood Laser Facelift

Rejuvenate your skin with Clear Lift Hollywood Laser Facelift™. It’s an exciting new aesthetic laser treatment that combines three revolutionary technologies to deliver softer, younger-looking skin in just 60 days.

If you’re not ready for a facelift, but you’re no longer satisfied with the results of topical creams and lotions, Clear Lift Hollywood Laser Facelift skin resurfacing is for you.

This non-invasive treatment has no downtime, and it will resurface and rejuvenate your skin to reveals brighter, younger and healthier-looking skin, from the inside out. It treats fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations from deep within the skin to give you a lasting new, revitalized look.

Your practitioner will combine the three different technologies into a treatment plan that is customized exclusively for you.

Specially designed for the delicate skin on the face, neck and chest, Hollywood Laser Facelift skin treatments will even firms up loose skin around all of these areas:

• Forehead
• Cheeks
• Chest
• Around the Mouth
• Under the Eyes
• Upper lip
• Neck

Frequently Asked Questions

Clear Lift Hollywood Laser Facelift™ is a skin treatment for anyone who would like to revitalize their look without invasive procedures or injections. You no longer have to accept fine lines and wrinkles or skin discoloration as an inevitable part of the aging process.

Using 3 cutting-edge technologies, Clear Lift Hollywood Laser Facelift is a non-invasive, comfortable procedure that provides lasting results in just 60 days through a series of office visits. These skin tightening treatments are safe, comfortable and effective without surgery or down time.

It can be used on any skin type, and you are free to return to normal activities immediately after each session.

Complete skin rejuvenation doesn’t happen in a single clinic visit.

The device that delivers Clear Lift Hollywood Laser Facelift™,the Harmony®XL System, has been cleared by the FDA for more than 60 aesthetic and medical applications. Hollywood Laser Facelift combines three of Harmony’s 10 unique laser treatment technologies to provide comprehensive skin rejuvenation. It improves skin color, wrinkles and skin texture to achieve outstanding results in 60 days.

Each laser treatment takes just a few minutes. During each session, you may have treatments that involve more than one of the Clear Lift Hollywood Laser Facelift technologies. Your exact treatment regimen will depend on your individual condition. Before you get started, your doctor will explain each of the treatments you should have and how long you should wait between treatments.

No. Clear Lift Hollywood Laser Facelift requires no “down” or recovery time. You can have a treatment and can usually return to work or school immediately, certainly by the following day.

Creams and lotions can be used at home, but usually provide only a slight benefit and must be used indefinitely to maintain even modest results.

Other laser and light-based devices work well, but they typically focus on just one aspect of skin rejuvenation (colour, texture, or tightening). They may be quite painful, have significant downtime and may not be suitable for all skin types.

Surgery may be indicated for extreme cases, but it is much riskier than any non-invasive technique.

Clear Lift Hollywood Laser Facelift is a non-invasive, comfortable, no downtime procedure that provides lasting results in just 60 days. It combines three technologies to address all aspects of skin rejuvenation and can be used on any skin type.

This is the ideal procedure to eliminate the discoloration and textural irregularities that make your skin look older. But even after the procedure, you will continue to age and to be affected by the sun and elements.

To maintain the healthy glow that the Clear Lift Hollywood Laser Facelift can bring, patients may choose to come back periodically for touch-up treatments.

Costs vary, depending on your treatment area and skin condition. Compared with individual laser treatments, Clear Lift Hollywood Laser Facelift represents a very smart investment that delivers beautiful results.

Prices start from £30 for a test patch 

or £100 for a Full Face test patch Prep- Session

Starts From £60 for a small area and between £195 – £250 for Full Face (Not including Neck or Décolletage).

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