As we step into 2021 in a somewhat less jubilant mood, it’s perfect to use potential extra time to renew or update routines. From our mental health to our physical health, focusing on the positive and the better days ahead.

The cold weather, combined with the added stress of the latest lockdown has left some of us with lacklustre skin adding some (much needed) glasses of wine over the Christmas period creating a combination of spots, dark circles and texture on your skin that may have seen better days.

Mother and Daughter skincare duo, Daniela and India have answers and as this is being written, outside their state of the art clinic and on digital channels via their online consultations, they continue to solve skincare issues for all ages and genders.

They are creating bespoke at home skin care packages for their clients including the products they sell themselves, so it means it’s clinical quality at home.

So, back to the stressed skin scenario, a really good combination for stressed skin is the Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging serum as recommended by Daniela.

In the Vital C Anti-aging serum it contains , Emblica – brightens the skin, Green tea – potent antioxidant, Hyaluronic Acid – binds 1000x its weight in water, Polypeptide complex – collagen renewal, retinoic acid -like activity with no irritancy

I combined this with the Image Skincare Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque, this contains an exfoliating blend of Glycolic and Salicylic acids that resurface the skin by softly removing dead skin cells. This product diminishes brown spots and is literally a home mini-peel

This dual-action scrub does double-duty to physically and chemically exfoliate your complexion. High-potency AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) help loosen and lift dead skin cells.

Mixing these both together will give the skin hydration, plumpness and a brighter complexion, which is what we all need right now.

This and the Vital C serum by Image, are similar and both work layered with other products – however, I’m convinced the smell is a wonderful part of the product that lifts your mood.

Daniela and India have 40 years of combined experience between them and they bridge the personal touch with professional demeanour and are advocates of selflove, thus creating a positive energy that reflects on a client base that, like themselves spans generations.

It’s not just about the products, their invaluable advice means that lockdown skincare routines can be discussed and shared via facetime between them and clients, their warm positivity creates a part of your day that is dedicated to you and your routine, even if it is a bath followed by taking care of your skin for a little bit longer or updates on clients that are in between treatments / courses that have been interrupted by lockdowns.

It maybe a chance to step back and reset, to look forward to warm spring days and more freedom; even if it’s via a fleeting scent of citrus that takes you back to a Mediterranean afternoon if you close your eyes…

Daniela and India in the meantime are available during lockdown for complimentary consultations and the above products can be purchased online and courses can still be booked.

Contact them at to book your online consultation or to purchase