Your Summer Essential Hair Removal

Finally, the sun is making an appearance and we are making tentative plans for travel, be it a staycation or further afield later in the year!

Clearly, the past year and a half have hardly been ideal for setting routines and visits to our clinic. Even stepping out of our homes at some points has been daunting.

On the positive side though, we’ve got warmer days and catching up on our life outside to look forward to over the summer.

Part of our ethos is taking care of you with the best technological advancements in treatments, and one of our core treatments is hair removal. That, as you know is a part of our summer rituals as we bare our skin (with a healthy coat of SPF too!)

Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, our laser hair removal is one of the safest options.

While options such as waxing and shaving provide short-term results, it’s just a bit of a chore, to be honest!

Our laser hair removal offers a much longer-term solution.

Soprano ICE laser hair removal system

At Beauty Advance we use the Soprano ICE laser hair removal system for the simple reason that it is virtually pain-free. The technology we use cools the skin’s surface which helps to prevent overheating and discomfort caused by the laser.

Most client’s only experience a gentle warming sensation in the area being treated which is much less compared with other types of laser hair removal.

We consider our investment with these machines a reflection of the service we provide our clients. The better the staff and the laser – the better the results.

When it comes to laser hair removal it’s important that you book in your treatments regularly to help treat the hairs (hence our little reminder about routines in our opening paragraph!)

Your hair is at different stages at any time. Spreading out the treatment over a period of between 4–8 weeks will help ensure that all your hair is targeted during the cycle of growth.

It’s also important to avoid all forms of hair removal apart from shaving prior to treatment.

Waxing, threading, or hair removal creams can hinder progress. For example, if a client was to pluck in between treatments, this could potentially slow the desired results by interrupting the growth cycle.

Unlike a lot of other laser hair removal systems, Soprano’s ICE Laser can safely be used to treat naturally suntanned skin. We’d still recommend staying away from sunbeds and fake tan prior to your treatment, for a good 4 days.

Skin types

This brings us round to the skin types.

The Soprano ICE Laser system is the safest method of laser hair removal for all skin types, including darker skin tones where melanin is much more sensitive to the heat used by lasers.

Of course, we’d always recommend an initial consultation and skin patch test prior to treatment to double-check suitability and ensure that there are no adverse reactions.

*The image above shows three Beauty Advance clients, this highlights how well our Soprano Ice works on all skin tones.

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P.S. As we love a bit of multi-tasking, ask about our combination treatments.