Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Compared to Home Solutions

There are so many hair removal options on the market – from tweezers and threading, to shaving and waxing, many people use one or more of these methods as part of their daily beauty regime. These options have benefits and drawbacks, with many being painful, and with results that don’t last very long. At our clinic, we believe laser hair removal is worth the investment, as it provides permanent results, is safe, and does not irritate your skin.

In this post, we explore all the benefits of laser hair removal treatment, so you can make an informed decision.

Long-Lasting Results
With shaving, you will probably need to shave after a few days – with waxing around a week. Did you know that with laser hair removal, you can enjoy smooth skin up to a few years after your course of treatment? Because our lasers target individual hairs at the root, you won’t have to worry about regrowth. How long your results last will depend on your individual growth cycle and depends on completing your full recommended course of treatment (usually up to 8 sessions) and how consistently after care instructions are followed.

Safety Approved
Our technology has been developed and safety tested extensively, to ensure the utmost safety for everyone. We can assure you that it’s safe for more sensitive skin in areas such as the face. For further peace of mind, we will always complete a consultation with each client, to ensure that the treatment is suitable for you. We can confirm that there are no adverse side effects, aside from some mild redness at the site of treatment for a short period of time.

Our technicians will only proceed with your treatment once you have completed your consultation.

Applied by Experts
All the technicians who apply our laser hair removal treatment are highly trained and qualified, having performed treatments on hundreds of people. With expert knowledge on the amount of laser needed on different types of hair, your treatment will be completed with precision and accuracy, tailored to your body, your skin type, and your preferences.

Plus, having your hair removal treatment done by professionals means they can reach the areas that you may not see yourself, meaning you get a more thorough and accurate result.

Bespoke Treatment Plans
At your initial consultation with one of our trained technicians, we will find out more about what you want to achieve from your laser hair removal treatment. We will learn about your skin and hair type, so we can craft a bespoke treatment plan that is safe and effective for your body, and your hair removal goals.

Free from Pain and Discomfort
The laser treatment is pain free, meaning you won’t have to endure the same discomfort as you would expect with waxing, shaving, or threading. Most patients experience no irritation, but some might experience mild discomfort or redness up to a couple of days following your appointment.

A big reason many people choose laser treatment is the freedom from itching, dryness, and general irritation for the long term.

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