Skin Tag Removal Cardiff

In the vacuous, celebrity-obsessed society we live in – where designer labels and the hullabaloo surrounding the latest fad is everything – you might think that skin tags sound like the ultimate ‘must-have’ bodily accessory. But you’d be wrong. In fact, when you consider their medical names – fibro-epithelial polyps or achondrochordons – they sound positively unappealing!

Skin tags are soft lumps attached to the skin by a stalk. They are usually the same colour as your skin, under 0.5 cm in size, and often develop in the armpits, neck and groin. Around 50–60% of people over the age of 50 have them (although, younger people can develop them as well) and they sometimes run in families. They may look unsightly and can be a nuisance (catching on clothing or jewellery), but they are harmless and do not become cancerous. Furthermore, they can be easily removed by electrocautery by our Practioner or Doctor.

Top Tip: Prevention is better than cure, so always exfoliate daily to prevent them from returning. Also make sure you give your skin a break from jewellery and please don’t sleep with a neckless on. 

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This is our latest technology available in Clinic, which is an advanced cryotherapy innovation that delivers an ultra-coldjet of high pressure N₂O directly onto skin lesions.
The innovative pinpoint tip ensures accuracy, enabling our practitioner to treat lesions of varying sizes from 1mm – 10mm, without affecting the surrounding, healthy tissue.
Perfect for treating;
          • Skin tags
          • Warts
          • Age Spots
          • Sun Spots
       PRICES START FROM £80 per treatment                                        
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