Post lockdown positivity from Beauty Advance.

Beauty Advanced are based in the iconic Morgan Arcade and having been in beauty and aesthetics industry since 1988, Daniela and India have seen it grow from strength to strength.

From day one their ethos has been to enhance the natural you and treat male, female and transgender clients.

Their treatments are life-changing, from removing unwanted hair, nail fungus, and tattoos, to improving complexions and helping their clients to live their life confident and happy.

We all love to take care of our appearance, whether it’s a routine of minimal products, to a full multi step routine every morning; the common theme throughout the past ten weeks is at home and as best we can.

They have been busy not only with a growing mail order business now, they are also preparing to open in the next few weeks in a new way.

This is what they had to say…

1.Through lockdown, we have been keeping our clients updated, and re-assuring them that we always have the best, quickest, and safest equipment available, making sure they are safe and happy going forward.

We have been offering free consultations, review and just catch ups so that clients mind can be more at ease about their treatments and products. We have also made it more accessible for our clients to purchase their skin care products through us, to get delivered to their house. 

For the future of our business, we are looking into making it safer and easier for clients to keep a 2m distance from others. 

We will be taking less clients a day and all consultations and medical assessments will be done online, so that we can make sure we only have clients that can be treated in clinic, so there is no extra unnecessary contact.

We are looking forward to having all of our treatments back up and running soon, for us it is about achieving the best results we can for our clients. The most popular treatment is our Soprano Ice Titanium Laser hair removal, it is so quick and effective, can treat all skin types and ALL hair colours as long as it has pigment in the root.

It’s reassuring to know as there is trepidation as we return the new ‘normal’

Daniela and India work alongside Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses and Practitioners who assist the Clinic in providing cutting edge solutions that radically assist their clients skincare needs such as Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, treating skin issues and much more.

They are proud that our continual investment in new technology sets them apart from others and ensures that their clients receive a first-class service.

Message India or Daniel to book an online consultation, they provide clear and educated advice.