Prodigio C40 Anti-oxidant Kit

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DiBi Face

The innovation of the exclusive Collagen Fibre Pearls combined with the action of the Vitality Boosting Serum provides a targeted action that:

– Counters the marks of time and stress;

– Reboots the mechanisms of skin regeneration and repair;

– Strengthens the skin’s defences against environmental aggressions. Ideal for countering grey, fragile and dehydrated skin. Suitable for all skin types.

In a single formula the Vitality Boosting Serum concentrates Astaxanthin and a pool of anti-oxidant * and moisturising ingredients.

The Collagen Pearls have a triple helix structure, similar to the structure in our skin, and are particularly suited for improving the skin’s appearance.

30 Day Treatment

PRICE: £160.00

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