Hair Removal & Hormones

Hair Removal, Hormones and everything in between!

It’s not an easy conversation to have but hormones play a big part in our lives; and in turn our treatments.

As you’ve probably gathered, here at Beauty Advance, we do not do a one size fits all approach to our treatments, we are all unique and we consider each appointment an opportunity to create a bespoke approach to solve a problem.

We treat from 18 years old, to 80 years old; that’s a LOT of hormones!

As you may have seen via our social media, we have a lot of clients that cover a lot of age groups and everyone’s personal journey is different.

Our hormones play a BIG part in our outsides as well as our insides, from our skin to our hair growth.

For this post we are exploring results via our female clients, all women have facial and body hair, but the hair is usually very fine and light in colour.

The main difference between typical hair on a woman’s body and face (often called “peach fuzz”) excessive or unwanted hair that grows on a woman’s face, arms, back, or chest can coarse and dark.

According to the Indian Journal of DermatologyTrusted Source, excess hair affects between 5 and 10 percent of women. It tends to run in families, so you may be more likely to have unwanted hair growth if your mother, sister, or other female relative also has it. Women of Mediterranean, South Asian, and Middle Eastern heritage are also more likely to develop the condition.

Women develop excessive body or facial hair due to higher-than-normal levels of androgens, including testosterone. All females produce androgens, but the levels typically remain low. Excessive body or facial hair growth can also result from taking medications. As well as PCOS

The presence of excess body hair can lead to feelings of self-consciousness, with this in mind amongst many other things, we’ve always been ahead of the game here at Beauty Advance, especially when it comes to laser hair removal… for everyone (see our post on our trans clients and their treatments), so moving with the times means investing in our team and clients.

Our go to laser every time is the Soprano Titanium, it’s a breakthrough hair removal treatment that combines functionality with comfort, the advanced cooling system means treatments are faster and pain free; offering a significant improved solution for our lovely patients.

With the benefits of three combined wavelengths, with an improved patient experience, creating a unique and result driven solution.

Attached below is Daniela and our client discussing the progress, and the ups and downs of hair removal.

We recommend a course of at least 3 treatments to see a noticeable difference.