Why it’s essential to wear Sun Protection SPF50+…

As it starts to get warmer and the Sun comes out, you know what that means…… Time to wear Sun Protection.

What most of you don’t know is that it is essential you wear Sun Protection SPF50+ every single day, even when it is not sunny out side. 

This is because UVA, UVB, Visible Light and IR-A can penetrate cloud cover and still affect your skin. Not only that, by using computers and TV screens daily, the blue light these technologies give out can affect you the same way UV Rays do, causing the ageing of the skin and pigmentation problems such as age or sun spots.

We recommend as Skin Specialist to use a Factor 50+ if you can, but you should not wear anything lower than SPF30 as you will not be protected at the lower ranges. Most clients believe that they are wearing enough protect as their foundations have Sun Protection within them, but you will find that they are only SPF15 or SPF30, so although that is giving some protection you will need to apply an SPF50 for full coverage.

The brand we have chosen to stock in Clinic is the Aesthetic Award Winners 2021 Heliocare Range made by Cantabria Labs, who have created this range by working alongside Cancer patients to create a product that can be used on sensitive and intolerant skin conditions. Protects the collagen with in the skin by preventing and repairing DNA Damage.

It also has Fernblock and other actives with in for a powerful anti-oxidant and repair activities to help neutralise free radicals (blocking out any pollution in the air).

They are also designed to help control any pigmentation problems with in the skin, hence why all clients who receive any laser Treatments with us in Clinic must have a SPF50+ as part of their skin routine to help speed up the

All ranges are hypoallergenic and Non-comedogenic.

This brand has a wide range of SPF50 products that have different textures to suit every skin type. We also have a range that has foundation within it so you get don’t need to worry about applying your own make up over the top as it gives a great coverage.

There are also some capsules available for clients who suffer will sun related complaints such as hives, heat rash etc, which are taken orally, working from the inside out paired alongside your creams can help protect you further from outbreaks.

A range is available for Paediatrics (for babies and children from 6 months old on the face and body). This is a special order from our suppliers, so please let us know if this is something you would like to order.

Prices start from £31 for Heliocare SPF50 Face Creams to £35 for the Invisible Spray for the body.

Do not forget, you can shop online at our website for all your skincare products!!