Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment Cardiff

A safe, painless and well-established treatment for thread veins on the legs or telangiectasias on the breasts. It is consistently better than lasers in treatment of veins in this area.

This treatment involves a solution that is injected with a very fine needle, in to the veins causing the lining of the vein to breakdown. This triggers a healing response, which over several weeks will close and fade away.

There is not much downtime for this treatment, so you can go straight back to work after having it.

Whilst most patients will get very good results after their first treatment, 2 – 4 treatments overall may be required.

Consultations are absolutely FREE* with no obligation to go a head. If a doppler and veinlite exam is required, there is a £50 charge.

Prices start from £245 per treatment but exact prices will be given out with in your consultation.

*T&C’s Apply



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