What is EM Face?

A Quick Guide to our Breakthrough Wrinkle Treatment
We are delighted to introduce the revolutionary anti-aging facial treatment EM Face. It targets deep into the layers of your facial tissue to provide lift, firming, and dramatic reduction of wrinkles. It’s the first device in the aesthetics market that combines Synchronised RF and HIFES systems to remodel and smooth the skin. It boosts your collagen levels and strengthens elastin fibres in a non-invasive manner that doesn’t require needles or surgical intervention.

It’s proven to be safe, effective and long lasting, having been studied by scientists in-depth, and developed for many years.

How does EM Face work?
This treatment combines two cutting-edge technologies that work together to target all the layers of your facial tissue, including both skin and muscle at the same time. You can use it safely alongside injectables, or as a standalone treatment. Many of our clients use both options as part of a tailored treatment plan.

The Sync Radiofrequency technology works by smoothing the skin. It does this by heating the dermis – top layers of your skin – in a way that increases collagen and strengthens elastin fibres.

HIFES works on the muscular level of your face, by restoring the support of your facial tissue. It gives your face a workout, by contracting muscles. This increases muscle density and improves overall structure. The combination of skin and muscle benefits lifts your face and reduces wrinkles dramatically.

On average, clients experience:
– 37% wrinkle reduction
– 30% more toned muscle
– 23% more lift

Your Treatment Plan
The recommended course of treatment is 6 appointments. After the first appointment, clients report feeling tangible results. After the final session in your treatment plan, you can usually expect to see visible results in 4-6 weeks. After the course of treatment is complete, results will continue to improve for a number of weeks.

It all starts with a consultation with one of our experienced technicians, where we will evaluate your medical history, your treatment goals, and which areas you wish to target.

Treatment Plan
After this, we will recommend a course of four treatments, spaced one week apart. It’s important that you commit to this course of treatment to get optimal results.

Each appointment takes 20 minutes and involves having pads placed on your target areas. It’s pain and discomfort free, and our technician will keep you informed throughout the appointment. You will not need any recovery downtime after your appointment, as it carries no side effects.

During the treatment, the sensation feels similar to a facial massage, with a sense of warmth wherever the pads are placed. You will be lying down throughout, so you can expect a relaxing and enjoyable experience with no pain or discomfort.

Are you interested in making an enquiry, or booking an initial appointment to find out more about our EM Face treatments? Please complete our contact form here, and a member of the team at our Cardiff clinic will be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, take a look at our EM Face page.