Post lockdown streamlining….

Did you embrace the whole focus on fitness during the first lockdown? 5km challenges? Joe Wicks?

The summer of 2020 was kind to us in respects to weather and we embraced our daily exercise routine.

The winter was more of a grey affair with a more sedentary life in doors wrapped up from the colder flurries of rain and snow, with maybe less movement than we would have liked. Research has shown via the BBC that 48% of us gained weight during lockdown.

Moving forward, as we look forward to opening our doors in time for a summer of (hopefully) more freedom, glasses of rose with our friends and sun dappled gardens we are also focusing on treatments to make you feel better inside and out.

We may not be going abroad in the next few months, but at the clinic we’ve been busy behind the scenes preparing some amazing new packages and perfecting our core treatments to make you feel better inside and out, as our founder Daniella reminds us on a regular basis; selfcare is so important.

Reassuringly our medically led clinic and our staff has everything to alleviate any nerves you may have about covid, your body and changes in general, helping you get back into your favourite summer clothes and a sunnier mindset.

One of our core treatments that we believe will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe is Cryolypolysis,  this streamlines and tightens, post treatment clothes hang better, skin feels smoother with less dimples.

Before we go further, this isn’t a magic wand to help get rid of all your fat—and it’s not a replacement for a healthy diet or exercise, but it’s a medically led effective treatment that through tested trials can remove 20-45% of fat cells after one session.

So what’s the science behind it and does it actually work?

Firstly the question you all want to know, YES it has worked on our clients (please see reviews). The area in question is cooled for around 45-60 minutes, the fat crystallizes and it breaks down, leaving your body.

How long does it take to see results?

Once again, this is one of our top questions. This can vary, however our own clients have seen great results quickly, however to be on the safe side we recommend 12 weeks is the estimated time for maximum results.

Is this permanent?

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the fat will not return. Plenty of water, selfcare and exercise.

We love this treatment, there’s no downtime and it is not invasive and that’s why our clients love it too.

We recommend a course of these for optimum results, we have an amazing selection of mix and match treatments that you can combine whilst you are with us for an all over glow, for example; why not have a top to toe treatment with instant results by combining this with a lash / brow treatment, we can provide tailored treatments for you.

As it’s literally a few weeks away, why not contact us for an online consultation? We can create a bespoke package for you.

Something to look forward to when we can welcome you again.